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Unique Maternity Portraits: How I come up with creative concepts for my Reading, Pennsylvania maternity photoshoots

pregnant women wearing angel wings for her maternity photoshoot in Reading, Pennsylvania

We have all been there, you see a beautiful photograph from someone else's maternity session, and you want an image just like that for yourself. The outfit, the pose, the lighting; you get the picture. 

The unfortunate thing about that is you aren't getting something different or original, and what most people don’t think of is that you are plagiarizing (or asking for a photographer too) someone else's art. 

There is nothing wrong with appreciating and loving someone else’s portrait, but we do want to strive to create something different.

I’m going to go over the questions I ask my maternity photography clients and how I come up with ideas that are unique to them.

Now the first thing I want to say is that everyone is unique and different. So some of my maternity clients ask for my clean and simple, and others ask for fantasy sets. And no matter how YOU choose to be photographed, it is right for YOU.

pregnant women being photographed by Pennsylvania maternity photographer Ashlie Bradley

I like to start each maternity portrait experience with a design session in my Reading, Pennsylvania studio. This is where we meet and collaborate on your photoshoot. I begin with getting to know you at a deeper level and get a feel for your personality. What’s your personal style? Do you have a favorite color? Do you have a hobby or personal passion project? How is your home decorated? Would you like to incorporate your heritage? What colors do you like? What colors do you not like?

Then we start to collaborate on the wardrobe and backdrop. Most of the time we leave with everything planned out, but sometimes I do ask for extra brainstorming time. Some of my best ideas have come from the night prior to the session, which can take some trust on your end. 

My sessions usually get sketched out, or I write detailed notes. I always go into a shoot having an exact vision in mind. Sometimes I even create custom wardrobe, depending again on what your desired look is. 

underwater mermaid maternity photo taken by Reading Pennsylvania maternity photographer

Getting to really be creative has led me to shoot some pretty amazing maternity images. And I am so happy to have these beauties hanging in your home for everyone to see. 

Are you interested in learning more about my maternity portrait experience?

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pregnant women being photographed by pennsylvania maternity photographer Ashlie Bradley


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