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When is the best time to have your pregnancy photographed in Exeter Pennsylvania?

Women having her pregnancy photographed in Exeter PA in a black bodysuit and black hat

The most frequently asked question I get is “when is the best time to have maternity photos taken”. 

When I first started my maternity photography journey in Exeter, Pennsylvania, back in 2019 I thought that for pregnancy pictures you NEEDED a big belly and needed to be at the very end of your pregnancy…and that is far from what I think now. 

I do NOT recommend having your pregnancy professionally photographed after 34 weeks (although sometimes that does happen, and I get it your life right now is super busy).

Here are the reasons why I recommend being photographed between 28-34 weeks.

1.) Swelling!

The end of your pregnancy comes with some pretty pesky symptoms and swelling is one of them. The water retention is real.  This can change the shape of your face, ankles, feet and nose. Avoid this and look more like yourself by booking before 34 weeks.

2.) Fatigue.

Thought you were done being tired? Well guess again, that extreme fatigue from your first trimester will rear its ugly head again at the end of your pregnancy. Growing a human is HARD!

women being posed photographed by Ashlie Bradley in her Exeter Pennsylvania studio.
Me showing and walking this mommy to be through a pose.

3.) Relaxin 

This is the hormone that your body produces during pregnancy that helps your ligaments move and for your body to make room for the baby and birth. This coupled with your larger belly size can make posing more strenuous. Certain poses are a lot of work (like a yoga pose) and you don't want to hurt yourself in the process. 

4.) Body Discomfort 

As your baby grows you will probably experience more discomfort than you would like. It may become harder to breathe, your baby will be putting pressure on your pelvis and if you're one of the lucky few like me you may suffer from sciatica. If you're uncomfortable you may enjoy your experience less and that might show in your pictures.

Remember you want to be pregnant enough that you are showing but not SOOOO pregnant that you don’t look and feel like yourself. Also, this a friendly reminder you want to be photographed at 28-34 weeks, not looking for your photographer then.

And if you don’ t know where to start when looking for your maternity photographer make sure to check out my previous blog

Did you find this list super helpful?

Interested in learning more about my maternity photography experience?

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