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5 Questions to ask when looking for your maternity photographer in Reading, Pennsylvania

You’ve made it, your first trimester is over!  You’ve just gotten over the initial excitement, morning sickness and extreme fatigue.

Now you’re plagued with something new…Do you hire a maternity photographer? Is it that important? And where do you even start? 

I’m here to help!

First of all…do NOT talk yourself out of maternity photos! You are pregnant with this baby once! And your body is doing something truly miraculous, creating a human, and that deserves celebrating and… documentation. 

pregnant mom being photographed for her maternity photoshoot

Before starting your search for your maternity photographer in Reading, Pennsylvania you are going to want to answer these five questions.

1.) What’s your style? 

You’re going to want to consider what style of photography you like. Is it natural and candid photos (lifestyle photography) or is it posed and dramatic (fine-art style photography).

photographer camera sitting on the table waiting to photograph a pregnant women

2.) What is important to you?

Are you looking for a general portrait photographer (someone who photographs every genre), or are you looking for a specialist (someone who primarily photographs maternity)?

3.) How involved do you want your photographer?

Let’s dive a little deeper into this question…Answer these:

Do you want someone who just shows up and you do all the planning? 

Or do you want someone who guides you through the entire experience and takes care of all the planning for you? 

Are you looking to supply your own dress, or would you like a photographer that includes a client closet? 

Would you like to do your own hair and makeup, or would you rather that be taken care of for you by choosing a maternity photographer and has that professional service included?

4.) Where do you see yourself being photographed?

Really envision how you want the setting of your photographs. Is this outside in a field of flowers, on location at a beautiful manor or inside a studio space? 

5.) Lastly, what is your final vision for your images?

This is super important! After all, you don’t have this moment in your life documented for no reason. Are you looking to have all digital files to only share on social media and glance at your phone from time to time? Or are you looking for professional printed products to proudly display in your home and pass down to your child one day? Or are you looking for a photographer that offers both?

Maternity photoshoot pictures being displayed on a wall in a liveing room

Take what every time you need to sit down and write out the answers to these questions in a notebook, piece of paper or if you're like me a google doc. This will give you a super firm foundation on what type of photographer you are looking for to document this moment for you. ANNNDD lock in the very best fit for your needs. 

Happy hunting!

Did you find this list super helpful?

Learn more about my maternity photography experience.


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