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Treat Your Self! Exeter, PA pregnant or new moms…this is why self-care is so important to your well-being!

Getting pampered…we all know it feels good, but did you know it's also important for your overall well-being?

Last week I had the chance to sit down with Olivia from Luxe Cosmetic Studio in Exeter Pa and discuss self-care and just why it is so important.

We got to talk about why not only it makes us feel beautiful but the importance of it on our mental and physical well-being.

Exeter Pa Lash Artist
Olivia owner of Luxe Cosmetic Studio in Exeter Pa

As moms we tend to always put our family and children first. But when we do that, we are not only hurting ourselves, but also… we can’t be as happy and present for our family. You know the saying you can’t fill someone else's cup when yours is empty. 

And this was something that Olivia mentioned she just went through “I was just going through the motions, and I forgot to be a woman” and “as women we tend to sacrifice ourselves”. Are you guilty of this? I know I am.

It is so important for women, and especially mothers to incorporate self-care into your routine. This can lead to positive effects on your overall health and well-being, as well as your self-esteem.

In fact, women that pamper themselves experience fewer negative emotions and less depression, a study from Carnegie Mellon University revealed.

So, make sure you are getting out of the house to really take time for you! And mom’s “an uninterrupted shower is not a pamper” Olivia mentioned (I think most of us are guilty of thinking this at one point).

Also taking that time for yourself to relax will increase your happiness, enhance your mood and help you be more mindful. This way you are able to show up for your family with more kindness and love. Olivia mentions “I talk to women all day long and the biggest thing we can do is give ourselves a break”.

By taking a break you will also decrease your stress levels which could help with keeping down your blood pressure. And this is something that is especially recommended for pregnant women. Keeping stress levels down can also ward off heart disease and cancer.

Lastly but super important, pampering yourself will enhance your self-esteem. When you feel amazing you are unstoppable! Olivia states “that's why we are here, we're here to make women feel beautiful and powerful. And that’s why we choose this industry because we saw a need to help women feel better about themselves."

lash tech, permanent makeup, skin care. Luxe Cosmetic Studio Exeter PA
Luxe Cosmetic Studio Team- Steph (skin care), Veronica (permanent makeup and lash artist) Olivia (owner and lash artist)

Olivia’s Exeter Pennsylvania Salon offers an amazing experience with customized skin care services. So, you don’t have to think about what you need. Stephanie, her skin care specialist will come up with a plan on exactly what your skin needs. All you need to do is tell her your goals and she will take care of the rest. Just make sure if you are pregnant to disclose that information as some services are off limits. 

Luxe Cosmetic studio also offers permanent makeup and lash services which can cut down on your morning routine. I mean who doesn't love the idea of just waking up instantly put together? Olivia says she is also focusing on overall wellness by incorporating energy work and crystal healing. 

Make sure to check out Luxe Cosmetic Studio May 4th, 2024, at 12pm-2pm for their anniversary celebration where they are having a red dot sale and 20% off of gift cards. 

I myself will also be there offering glamor portraits (does your profile pic need updating) as well as other women entrepreneurs. We will see you there!

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