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Babymoon Bliss: Why Reading, PA Moms-to-Be Should Consider a Getaway

You just finished placing all of your babies clean close into the dresser. You take a step back and admire all of your hard work. The baby's crib is put together and carefully curated with the most beautiful bedding. You have the changing table organized with all the baby necessities, diapers, lotion, ointment and wipes. You have the walls decorated with matching decor and your maternity portraits. Everything is ready for your little bundle's arrival. You look up at your spouse and match eyes filled with excitement. The only thing left now is to wait.

maternity portrait with wife looking at he husband in Reading PA maternity photography studio

But wait a minute, these last few weeks will be the last time you and your spouse will be alone for a while. Once your baby arrives the two of you will be focused on caring for your little one. And trust me sometimes the romance during that time period is lacking. Right now, is a great opportunity to take a babymoon and strengthen your connection. 

What is a babymoon? This is a vacation taken together typically during the last trimester to celebrate your fine weeks as a couple without children. It is a good time to connect together.

Figuring out where to go together doesn't have to be hard. Find a place you both find joy and relaxation (or maybe adventure). 

This could be a simple escape to the Poconos for the weekend. You could visit a waterfall or two and dine at some amazing restaurants and just enjoy each other. The finger lakes are great for this type of get away as well. 

Or perhaps you like the beach. If you are still able to travel you can visit one of your favorite islands or one you’ve never been to. I’ve heard some amazing things about the Dominican Republic from past clients. I have also visited the Bahamas and would highly recommend it! But one of my favorite places though is Clearwater Florida. The water is beautiful, and the food is amazing. 

If you can’t fly and the weather is warm, a place like the Chesapeake Bay is worth a trip. There is some great hiking, lighthouses, fossil finding and delicious restaurants. I have been there recently and rented an Air BNB right on the bay and it was so beautiful, quiet and relaxing.

Whatever you and your spouse choose to do I hope you take advantage of spending some alone quality time together. It is super important to connect not only before the baby arrives but also continue to connect with each other after. 

Couples maternity portrait during pregnancy photoshoot in Reading PA maternity photography studio

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