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4 Questions you should be asking when looking for a newborn photographer in Reading, Pennsylvania.

newborn portrait with thriplet girls in Reading Pennsylvania

Getting ready for your sweet baby's arrival might have your head spinning (on top of also being excited of course).

There is just so much to plan and do. Making sure you love your birth team, get your birth plan in order, registering for your baby shower, getting the nursery ready, packing your hospital bag…and the list can go on.

One thing that may have crossed your mind is arranging newborn portraits. Who do you have capture that extremely short time period after your baby is born to make sure that memory is preserved forever?

And it may come as a surprise that newborn photos are NOT easy. It really takes a special person who truly LOVES babies to be a newborn photographer.

Here is a list of questions to ask when you are looking for your newborn photographer in Reading, Pennsylvania. 

Reading Pennsylvania Newborn photographer safely posing and photographinga baby

1.) Are they trained in newborn safety?

Babies are very fragile, as you may already know, so it is important that they are being handled as such. Are they sanitizing their hands? Are they making sure they don’t work sick? Are they keeping their studio clean? I have seen some really horrifying things on social media. Babies being laid on taller props without a spotter and just left to dangle. Froggy poses being done harmfully, hands should never be taken off the baby in this pose as it can easily injure their spine. I even saw a behind the scenes where a baby was in a taller prop at the beach next to the water while the photographer and parents stood 15 feet away. All it would take is for a larger wave to come and the baby would be in the ocean.  The point is, make sure you're trusting someone who will treat your baby with the most care and never put them in harm's way.

newborn photographer in Reading Pennsylvania posing newborn babies

2.) Are props, wraps and outfits included? And if so, are they being sanitized and washed?

Having everything needed already supplied takes a HUGE load off of you. But keep in mind your baby has a weak immune system. You need to make sure that your baby is being put in things that are clean, so they don’t pick up something during their portraits. The last thing you want is a sick baby. Just simply ask what the photographer's policy is when it comes to prop cleanliness. Wraps, fabric and outfits should be washed in between clients. Furs, headbands and knit items should undergo some sort of sanitizing system. I use UV light in my Reading, Pennsylvania newborn photography studio to sanitize more delicate items.

 professional Newborn photo of a baby in a tiny bed in reading pennsylvania

3.) Do they have a time limit for the newborn photoshoot?

There are some places that are like “30 minutes only” and will photograph in that time regardless of if the baby is crying. This means you may not get that perfect shot. Now I’m not saying it should be an endless session, I cap my newborn portraits at my Reading, Pennsylvania studio at 4 hours. You want to look for someone who is giving a general range 2-4 hours for a newborn photoshoot, this is about the average time estimate with most professional newborn photographers.

Reading Pennsylvania Newborn portrait

4. Do they have training specifically for newborn photography?

If they are a professional and are specializing newborn photographer, they should. It takes countless hours of practice and training to get that perfect wrap, perfect those cute and SAFE poses, and get the perfect lighting. Having training makes all the difference in how the end result of your newborn portraits will turn out. If it's not listed on the photographer's website feel free to ask them.

Ashlie Bradley Reading, Pennsylvania Newborn photographer

In short make sure you find someone you can absolutely trust with your baby and will take it seriously. Do not just hire any random photographer without considering these questions or asking the photographer yourself. Your baby is not just in the newborn stage for one only month, but they need to be handled very carefully.

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