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What makes the Ashlie Bradley experience different from other photographers?

I get it. Every time you open your social media you are bombarded with social media posts, ads, and images from what seems like a million of photographers. Indoor shots, outdoor shots, traditional poses, and artistic expression, oh my! Some of the photos you see are completely beautiful and mesmerizing and some of them fall a little flat. You see prices ranging from almost free to some that cost more than a mortgage payment. Some photographers are just starting out while some have been working for years. This all leads to the million dollar question…of all the photographers out there, why should I call Ashlie Bradley Photography?

Ashlie specializes in maternity, newborn, baby milestone, motherhood, family and women’s glamour photography. Her years of training and work behind the camera has allowed her to find her passion and intentionally narrow down the scope of her offerings. She also offers photos printed on the highest quality heirloom products so you will never have to worry about your phone dying or your computer crashing with digital images. You will have these beautiful pieces of art forever that can be passed down through generations.

When you come to Ashlie’s studio in Reading, PA, you will be put on a pedestal and treated like a celebrity for the day. She takes care of EVERYTHING. All you need to do is show up and have fun. Her beautiful studio has everything from snacks to drinks to a full client closet for you to utilize. Before your shoot you will have a consultation with Ashlie to discuss your vision. On the day of the photoshoot you will be coached on how to pose amongst beautiful backgrounds and professional lighting.

It is her number one goal to treat you to a luxurious, memorable experience while feeling glamourous and special. If you are in need of a photographer to capture maternity, newborn, baby milestone, motherhood, family or women’s glamour, look no further than Ashlie Bradley Photography.

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