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Meet Mt. Penn Maternity Photographer, Ashlie Bradley

Hey girl! Did you know I wasn't always a maternity photographer in Mt. Penn Pennsylvania? And that I actually had an entirely different profession before being a maternity photographer! Yes, that is right just 6 years ago I was living a different life. Want to know what me (Ashlie Bradley) use to do for my career as well as get to know me a little bit more?

Well, here are 5 fun facts about me. Some of them may or may not surprise you.

Maternity photographer in Mt. Penn PA Ashlie Bradley taking a pregnancy photo

1.) I used to be a pastry chef.

Yes, you read that correctly! I have had a complete LOVE of food my entire life. I remember baking things with a little light bulb in my Easy Bake oven, and my poor grandmother would have to taste all my experiments I would cook at her house lol. My original career was in baking and pastry (I actually went to culinary school in New Jersey) but after doing that for 11 years I realized I was missing a HUGE amount of time away from my daughter and left to be a more present mother after my son was born. I still do bake for fun so you will catch me making sourdough bread every week and cooking delicious meals for my family. 

2.) I am a homeschool mom.

I have two children and one of them has ADHD (like me) and requires more one on one time than her original school could give her. And while I won't say it is easy, I definitely love the one-on-one time, the flexibility it provides us (seriously vacations are planned so easily now) and the fact that I am seeing what my children need more work on as it's happening (without waiting for a parent teacher conference). Also, it is really rewarding teaching them new things. 

Ashlie Bradley maternity photographer dance picture
enjoy this old school photo of me lol

3.) I used to be a dancer in my childhood years. 

I loved dancing as a child and teen. It was one of my first passions. I still love watching dance performances and now I get to see my daughter dance which is so amazing. I think being a dancer has helped with having an eye for poses because I pay more attention to lines and details. 

4.)  I love crafting and art.

Painting, sculpting, showing, needle felting, refurbishing furniture, if it includes creating something I'm for it.  I just really enjoy creating! You can see this in some of the sets I've created and even newborn headbands and outfits. I love that I can have items original to my clients and myself. 

Maternity Photographer from Mt. Penn Pennsylvania enjoying a Disney vacation with her family

5.)  I love experiences!

I love to do things that are experience oriented; fine dining, a train ride, a full day at the spa, cough, cough Disney…just about anything that makes something that much more special an amazing experience and service. 

Do you have any of these common interests? I would love to hear about it!

Want to stay in the loop?

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