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Five Things To Do For Yourself During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is such an exciting time in a woman's life, especially if you’re expecting your first baby. Getting ready to welcome your new baby can come with an overwhelming amount of preparation. You have to get the nursery ready, make sure your baby has the safest car seat, ensure they have the proper clothes needed for the time of year they are born and read up on all the baby articles to know how to be the best mom you can be. It is all so much that you may forget to take care of yourself during this time. I remember with my first pregnancy I was so preoccupied with getting ready for my daughter's arrival I forgot to enjoy certain things for myself. That’s why I have decided to put together a list of five things I would recommend doing for yourself while pregnant. 

1.) Carve out time for yourself. After your baby arrives you might find it hard to take time for you, trust me showering uninterrupted becomes a luxury. Make sure you are taking time for yourself now, even if it's only ten minutes. This is also a good time to start making it a habit. It’s important to remember this once your baby arrives, because you can’t serve your child best on an empty battery. So always take a few minutes a day for yourself.

2.) Get a pedicure. If there was ever a more perfect excuse to get a spa pedicure it's now! I'm sure you're well aware painting and clipping your toenails yourself presents a HUGE challenge when there’s a baby bump in the way. Opt for the extra foot massage time and just enjoy being pampered. 

3.) Get a prenatal massage. This was something I did with my second pregnancy and really wish I had gotten prenatal massages with my first. Your body, especially your lower back during the third trimester can become quite strained and painful. Growing a baby is hard work and takes its toll on your body, so treating yourself to this luxury definitely has its relaxing and pain-relieving benefits. 

4.) Take a babymoon. Go on a vacation somewhere nice and relaxing with your spouse, a friend or family member. For you this could be a trip to a beach or a cabin getaway, whatever is relaxing to you. This could possibly be your last trip without a child for a while, it's important to enjoy some peace prior to your baby's delivery. 

5.) Book a maternity photoshoot. Doing something for yourself like this might have you questioning “is it really that important?”. My answer is YES! TAKE THE PICTURES! You will only be pregnant with your baby this one time and your body is doing something so absolutely incredible. That's something that deserves to be celebrated and forever immortalized in the most beautiful way. 

I hope that you implement these five things into your pregnancy. Remember your body is doing some heavy lifting, don’t forget about yourself!

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