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Creating a Newborn a Special Portrait

Sometimes I get special requests from my clients for their babies newborn portraits to create something unique and special to them. I love when this happens because I can get creative and make something specifically for them that only they will have. One of my favorites was creating a sibling portrait from a hand and foot caste from this little ladies late big brother. I was asked to keep everything neutral toned so I got to work brainstorming on how to merge the two together.

I came up with creating a rainbow out of neutral toned grasses so it would fit into this families home decor. On one end I would have the brothers hand and foot caste with the rainbow coming from it. On the other I would have his sweet baby sister, bringing connection to the two siblings. I am so incredibly happy with how this image turned out, and it makes me even more happy that this family will have a beautiful piece of art to display in their home in remembrance their little boy.

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