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Cherry Blossom Themed Maternity Portraits

Maternity portraits are one of my absolute favorite sessions to photograph! There is just something about capturing the special glow of an expect mother. She is powerful, beautiful, and is so happy about the baby that she is growing and nurturing inside her body. I also am overly obsessed about the glamour aspect of my maternity portraits and making every mom feel like the queen they are.

This portrait session was one of my favorite to photograph. This mommy-to-be came to me wanting to create something truly beautiful and to be about embracing her vitiligo. After meeting with her and discussing how she would want to be photographed I came up with a plan for her images. She requested cherry blossom themed images as one of her setups, but it was winter at the time so I had to get creative. I spent hours searching for the perfect backdrop and gowns, because a simple gown just would not do for her outgoing and fierce personality.

I made all the arrangements with purchasing the items, rented the gown and booking with my amazing hair and makeup artist. We had such a fun time the day of her maternity portrait session and you could tell she was soaking in and enjoying her model-for-a-day experience. I was just loving the direction my images were going and getting be be creative with some of my setups and poses.

I think in the end my favorite part was seeing the reaction to her finished images (well that is always my favorite part). Happy tears happened the day she got to view her images for the first time, and seeing that made me super happy also. I got to create one of a kind art just for her that she will have to remember this beautiful time in her life. And I just love that about my job!

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