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4 Unique Baby Shower Registry Ideas For A Pregnant Mom in Reading, Pennsylvania

Reading Pennsylvania Mother Holding her newborn baby for her newborn photos

One of the most exciting things in an expectant woman’s life (well other than actually having a baby) is preparing for her baby and with that usually comes planning a baby shower. 

So much time and effort is put into your registry, after all you want to make sure you have everything for your baby's arrival! 

You’ve researched all the car seats, strollers and spent hours picking out the perfect bedding and outfits. 

With that being said some things may get “missed” in the process, or not even thought of. 

We know that the baby shower is to celebrate your baby and your journey into motherhood. Aanndd to also make sure you have everything needed to start this new chapter in your life. But don’t forget about asking for help in other areas. 

I have put together a list of 4 baby shower registry things you might not have thought of. These are unique ideas that are sooo helpful to a new mother, trust me I would have LOVED any one of these. 

New mother holding her newborn son for his Reading Pennsylvania newborn photo

1.) Help with Meals

Freezer meals might be something you might already be doing to prepare for your babies' arrival. But asking for a meal kit subscription to use after your freezer meals run out can be so helpful to a busy mom (especially to use after you go back to work). Or you can ask for gift cards to your favorite restaurants, which honestly can be even more helpful because let's be honest some nights, we just don’t even feel like heating up an oven.

Meal service for a new mother in Reading Pennsylvania

2.) House Cleaning Service

After your baby is born there is quite the adjustment period. You are learning so many new things; how to breastfeed, change a diaper, figure out your baby's needs and do it all on little sleep. And we know there is a correlation between a clean and organized home and your mental health. You are already doing so much! Asking for a gift card to a cleaning service can give you one less thing to worry about in your new mom journey. 

Home cleaning service for a new mother in Reading Pennsylvania

3.) Prenatal Massage

This is something strictly for you. As you know growing a human is HARD and sometimes painful! Asking for a gift card for a prenatal massage would be something any 3rd trimester mom would appreciate. I remember my daughter gave me sciatica and it was so painful, I would have truly appreciated a gift like this!

Pre- natal massage for pregnant mother in Reading Pennsylvania

4.) Newborn Photos

I remember my sister-in-law having this gifted to her during her pregnancy with my niece and I thought it was the nicest thing (I wasn't even a Reading, Pennsylvania newborn photographer at the time). Newborn photos aren't something most people think of, but it is a gift that you will FOREVER have. It’s not something that your baby will outgrow or become obsolete, you will always have that memory of your sweet baby to cherish and look back on. 

Newborn photographer in Reading Pennsylvania taking picture of baby girl

If you are reading this and YOU are currently a pregnant mom in Reading, Pennsylvania setting up your registry, don’t hesitate to ask for any of these on your registry. Just give the names of the companies you would like to use and the link for people to purchase gift cards through them. Any of these can be just as helpful as that new stroller (if not more). And if you are a friend or relative of a pregnant momma reading this don’t forget to ask momma-to-be about any companies she would prefer gift cards from before making the purchase. 

Happy shopping!

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